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Help Us Avoid Fires with These Prevention Tricks

posted by: High Level Hotels on: June 30, 2015 2:48:30 PM
Fire prevention high level alberta hotel room

With much of Canada seeing very warm temperatures, we always run the risk of forest fires. The dry grass and lack of rain create perfect environments for them, and currently, the province is fighting over 120 wildfires. Many of these are reported to have been caused by lightning, including a large fire just north of High Level that has parts of the highway closed. While the town is currently safe, it’s important to remember the current climate. Here are a few tips on avoiding forest fires.

Avoid any burning

Make sure you have a permit or are following regulations for any brush or debris burning you might be doing. These fires may seem easy to handle, but if they are built in the wrong place—near trees or even on a patch of dry grass—they can spread quickly. Make sure you have proper extinguishing equipment nearby in case of emergencies. This also goes for pleasure fires, whether they’re on the beach, in your backyard, or on a campsite. Check if there’s a fire ban on before you light.

Manage your butts                              

If you’re a smoker, make sure you avoid using cigarettes in dry areas—in 2011, an estimated 90,000 fires were caused by smoking materials, an extreme number for such an avoidable problem. If you do use a cigarette, make sure you put the butt completely out before discarding it in a proper place. If you’re driving, never throw your butts out the window. They could bounce to dry grass on the side of the road, or even be carried by wind.

Know when to call it in

If you see a fire—no matter how small—call it in. Find the local firefighter number, or use 911 and report the fire. Don’t go near it without the proper equipment, especially if there’s a strong wind. Wind can spread fires extremely quickly, so get away from danger areas as fast as possible.

Good fire prevention tactics can keep High Level completely safe, which is how we like it! Instead of having a campfire, treat yourself to one of our modern rooms, many complete with their very own fireplaces. Book yours today. We look forward to your visit!

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