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Environmental Concerns in Wood Buffalo and What You can do to Help

posted by: High Level Hotels on: July 31, 2015 4:29:19 PM

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Recently, the Wood Buffalo National Park has received some media attention, and it’s not all just about the park’s incredible wildlife and scenery. It’s not a doubt that the park—Canada’s largest—is important. It’s home to a vastly diverse number of species, and is an extremely important environmental location, which is why it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In fact, it is that very committee—that is, the UNESCO World Heritage committee—that released a report stating the Wood Buffalo National Park is at risk from the Albertan oil sands and dam development. UNESCO is asking the federal government to increase protections on the national park, or at least reduce development that is bringing risk to the ecosystem.

This came to the attention of UNESCO when the Cree First Nation and the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation started legally combatting the Site C project. This brings focus to the importance of balancing energy use and the environment.

There is, of course, a way for all of us to help protect the Wood Buffalo National Park. As Albertans, the park is an integral part of our heritage, and it offers us countless benefits in terms of outdoor activities. Here’s what you can do to help protect the park:

  1. Reduce your energy use. By conserving energy, we reduce the strain the Albertan government is facing, in turn reducing the strain on the environment—especially through hydroelectric dams.
  2. Let your Member of Parliament know your concerns. Send a letter or email letting them know that you agree this is an issue.

With your help, we can protect our very own UNESCO World Heritage Site—there aren’t many people in the world that get to claim their very own UNESCO site as their backyard, and we are very privileged to do so!

We brought this to your attention because we love Alberta, and we love the Peace River area—part of which is our very own High Level. Next time you’re in town, stop by for a chat about the region, and of course, if you’re staying, we’d love to have you in our hotel! We look forward to your visit.

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