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These Incredible Birds Call High Level Home

posted by: High Level Hotels on: January 19, 2015 12:18:00 PM

Between busy work schedules, family life, travel, and distractions like television and the internet, it’s no surprise that these days, people occasionally forget to appreciate the little things. One of these “little things” that tends to fall by the wayside is the beauty of nature. Northern Alberta is home to a magnificent vistas, towering pines, majestic animals and of perhaps most notably, a plethora of birdlife that is easy to forget when occupied by other things. But should you choose to direct your gaze skyward, what kind of birds might you glimpse? Let us give you some of the highlights. Here is some of the feathered life you’ll find around High Level Alberta, and our comfortable hotels.


Because Northern Alberta is home to so many sparkling lakes, it’s also home to an array of beautiful water birds. From the shores of the area’s lakes and rivers, you can glimpse a number of beautiful species of swan, such as the Tundra Swan and Trumpeter swan. You’re also likely to encounter a bevy of duck and goose species, from Canada Geese, to Snow Geese, to Long-tailed Ducks, to the beautiful, Ring-necked duck. And of course, as is the case in most lakes across this beautiful country, if you listen closely, you may just be privy to the haunting song of the loon.

Birds of Prey and Raptors

The High Level area is home to more than just water birds. Amongst the trees and crags of this beautiful land, you’ll also find a selection of stunning predators. You’ll encounter majestic Bald Eagles, Sharp-Shinned Hawks, Kestrels, Red-Tailed Hawks, fearsome Ospreys, and, the fastest moving creature on this planet, the Peregrine Falcon. When combing the sky for this sort of feathered fauna, binoculars are a big help!

Other Birds

Outside of waterfowl and birds of prey, beautiful High Level is also home to a plethora of other bird life. In this stunning region, you’ll also encounter grouse amid the foliage, herons and pipers by lakeshores, kingfishers over rivers, woodpeckers up tree trunks, and hummingbirds abuzz by flowers. Yes, this is an area of spectacular natural beauty. For proof of this, look no further than the hundreds of species of bird that call the area home.

All it takes to enjoy the majestic bird life of High Level is a good eye and a little patience. Of course, you’ll also need a comfortable home base. In High Level, there’s no cozier place to rest your head than our conveniently-located hotels. Book your stay today and reconnect with nature!

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