High Level, Alberta - Gateway to the Canadian Oil Patch

High Level's origins lie with the Dene, Beaver and Cree peoples, who called this rugged and beautiful place home for thousands of years before European settlers arrived. Today, High Level's beauty still shines, but it also bustles with industry. Agriculture, oil and forestry drive the economy of High Level, Alberta, which is home to a small but hard-working population, almost half of which are under the age of 25.

With its thriving industry and essential role as the region's transportation hub, High Level could well be considered the capital of Alberta's Northern Peace Region. Known as the "gateway to the south", High Level serves as supply corridor for many northern communities. The town is also a natural stopping point for those travelling between Edmonton and Yellowknife on Highway 35

High Level, Alberta, is a city on the rise, rich with resources and opportunity, but it also offers a breathtaking gateway to the wonders of the Northern Alberta wilderness where camping, fishing, hiking, canoeing and hunting are among the best in the world. Outdoor enthusiasts will relish the pristine, unspoiled landscape where miles of prehistoric grandeur stretch out over the horizon: a natural playground of limitless possibilities.

The town, too, offers a variety of attractions like shopping, dining and live entertainment. Golf 18 holes, take in some live theatre or collect some souvenirs at unique retail shops. High Level has a thriving arts scene which features performance and exhibitions year-round.

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